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Porsche 917 ACD Suite
962 TRIO Cobra Clouds
340 Mexico Rothman Porsche
Fest Gulf GT 40
Red, White, and Blue
The Real Thing
Martini-Rossi Porsche 2FST4U
Speciale 917

GT 350 R
Into The Light
Mc Laren 550 Rs
19 Hours Moby Dick
Porsche Party
Another Win
Berlinetta Lusso
Les Elegants Rivaux
  Crusing The Colorado Grand
The Gentlemanís Tiger 300 Sl Gullwing
Decorating Daddy’s Bentley
Maseratti Sunset ’57 Mercedes-benz 300 Sl (p&i)
Elizabeth And The Talbot Ferrari 512s Long Tail (p&i)