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I try to set aside a limited amount of time for commissions each year. Each commission begins with photographs of the subject auto. Most often these photos are taken by me, in a parking lot near the clients home or office. Potential settings and backgrounds are then discussed. When multiple concepts are considered I supply the client with rough pencil sketches to help finalize the decision. Once a composition is agreed upon it usually takes 30 to 45 days to complete a painting.

My favorite size for commission pieces is an 18”x24” image area. Prices for commission pieces in this size start at $5,500.00 for a single vehicle. This base price increases for multiple vehicles and elaborate backgrounds. All prices include framing with wood frames and conservation materials. Frame and mats generally add twelve inches to the image size.


Here’s an example of the commission process in action.

1. Photos have been taken and one angle or “pose” for the car has been agreed upon. Rough pencil sketches show three different compositions for the client to choose from. 2. Here you seen the clients final choice rendered in charcoal awaiting the first application of pastel. You can also see that Gary and Marilyn’s dog, Whitewall, has been added to the composition. 3. The painting begins to take shape. Because the car is such a light color, I’ve masked off the area where the car will be rendered to keep it clean. Notice also, that I’ve exerted my artistic license in the creation of the gasoline sign. Oh Boy Gas originally used a blimp in the middle of their sign, but I liked the cool old airplane used by Aerio so I combined the two to create this sign. It’s not historically accurate, it’s art!
4. Making good progress.
5. Almost done.
6. Final painting ready to frame and ship to customer.
Commissioned as a remembrance of the Steamboat Springs Vintage Automobile Races this print shows the sun setting on the famous Steamboat barn and the ski slope with Walt Hanes 1966 GT350H in the foreground. The vehicle was photographed at a race track. The barn and the ski slopes were photographed on location in Steamboat Springs, Colorado in preparation for this project. The sunset was created from material in my vast reference file of photos I’ve shot for potential inclusion in future paintings.
I enjoy doing portraits and I am always willing to discuss putting people in my paintings. Here’s a portrait of the man himself in his car and on the ”barn” wall, Boyd Coddington and the original Boydster II. What fun it was to spend nearly a week at Boyd’s shop taking pictures for my painting and watching Boyd’s crew build street rods!
Commissioned by Carol Barker as a surprise for her husband JD Barker this painting was to include his flamed coupe and Carol’s multi-hued garden. Since I love painting flowers this was fun piece for me to do. Carol supplied me with pictures of her vast flower garden throughout the summer and I chose the best shots to create a pleasing scene.
1947 Indian Chief
Motorcycles are very time consuming because of the never-ending detail that goes on from one end to the other. In addition, motorcycles are not “solid “ shapes they’re full of “holes” which have to filled in to complete the overall scene. This beautiful bike is one of twelve motorcycles I was commissioned to paint for motorcycle collector and former CEO of Mega Banks of Colorado, Tom Kowalski.
1947 Harley-Davidson
Another sample from the Mega Banks Collection.
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