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Here is a photo of the studio "shop truck". I was only thirteen years old when I first saw this truck in the July 1965 issue of Hot Rod Magazine. I cut the full color article out and kept it in a file folder all these years. Forty years later the truck showed up in Denver - for sale. The delivery had been in California since 1965 and remains in great condition, largely unchanged from its 1965 feature.
Welcome to my studio
Located just off an interior courtyard at our home in Sun City AZ, the studio has plenty of light and enough room to work comfortably and still display miscellaneous automobilia and petrolina items.


As a boy, Dave Kurz dreamed of being a professional artist and he consistently produced work, which confirmed and supported his desires. In High School he took every available art class while earning credit for working 1/2 days at an architectural firm where he learned basic drafting and architectural illustration. Upon graduation from High School, Dave attended Moody Bible Institute for one year, with plans to go on to art school. While at Moody, Dave continued his career path by working as a layout artist for Moody Press and Moody Monthly magazine.

In 1974, Dave's artistic career came to an end when circumstances prevented art school from becoming a reality. It was then, that Dave's second passion, automobiles led him to a career as an automobile salesman. Dave sold Corvettes and specialty cars for 11 years and Mercedes-Benz/BMW's for five years. By 1980 Dave no longer referred to himself as an artist because his artistic production had been nil for several years.

Ten more years passed and finally in 1990, Dave excavated his old art supplies to begin to evaluate his degree of artistic atrophy with the hope that he could eliminate his donation of brain cells to a business, which he never really enjoyed. Pen and ink illustration had always been a specialty and to his surprise his initial efforts surpassed work he had completed twenty years earlier. In December 1992 Dave became a member of Denver's Art Students League and began to take some art classes. He also began to work in color for the first time.

In March of 1993, public demand for his work allowed Dave to quit his full time job to devote full time to painting. Dave now specializes in pastel paintings on sandpaper. His work ranges from photo-realistic automobiles and portraits to impressionistic landscapes and florals. His work has been featured in Road & Track, Hot Rod, Rod & Custom, Street & Custom Rodding Illustrated, Automobile Magazine, Big Twin, American Iron, Vintage Motors Sports, US Art, The Artists Magazine. His work has also appeared on the cover of the following magazines: of Mobilia Magazine, Old Cars Weekly, Sports Car Market, Apex Magazine and the Sangre De Cristo Art Center catalog. Dave's work is available from dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada as well as Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

While Dave describes himself as "your basic hot rodder,” his automotive interests have been quite varied. Julie, Dave's wife of 30 years says; "If it's got wheels, he likes it!" Dave has owned some 60 vehicles including two 1955 Chevies, five Corvettes from 1957 to 1972, fifteen customized Chevrolet pickups from 1935 to 1976, a 1946 Ford pickup, a 1949 Studebaker pickup, a Bug-Eyed Sprite and numerous other vehicles too weird to mention.

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